All of the projects coordinated by IVSS have one thing in common. Their aim is to solve the road safety problems which the programme participants have defined together. It follows from this that the research involved is along the lines of needs already identified. By utilising collective expertise to make new products and services, we are not just fulfilling real needs. We are also ensuring that our joint efforts will be concentrated on the areas where they will bring most benefit. The function of IVSS is to work to achieve a combination of developmental (e.g. employment-related) objectives, commercial objectives and transport policy objectives.

Supporting research on road and vehicle safety will lead to the development of new technologies, capable of commercialisation and therefore of saving lives. The results of such research can be incorporated into new products and services, offering the possibility of distinct competitive advantages. In the longer term, investment in research and development will stimulate both economic growth and employment. Those who benefit first will be the companies involved, but the benefits to society should be obvious too. The IVSS Programme will bring advantages at all levels. Some indirect, but others very concrete indeed.