IVSS.se a blog about IVSS Intelligent Vehicle Safety Systems

Sweden has a long tradition of safety thinking for cars, trucks and roads. This has resulted in a number of forefront road safety technologies, and has helped the Swedish motor vehicle industry to achieve world-leading status. Now the time has come for the next step. Most current technologies focus on saving lives through crash safety improvements.

The IVSS Programme aims at moving the emphasis from passive solutions to active systems. In other words, preventing problems from arising in the first place.

Vision Zero for Sweden is aimed at achieving zero fatalities and zero serious injuries on the nation’s roads. In working to this end, we enlist both the services of individuals (e.g. engineers and researchers) and the involvement of companies and organisations in many different fields. To the sum total of knowledge already to be found in the motor vehicle industry, we add the expertise and experience of external specialists. An invaluable form of ‘cross-fertilisation’, both financially and in human terms. We need to engage more key individuals. You are probably one of these.