Question 1: When can an application be sent to the IVSS Programme Secretariat?

Answer: All seven sub-programmes have been open for applications from the turn of the year 2003/2004 onwards. This means that the IVSS programme does not go out with an official call for applications, but is continuously open for project proposals and submittals. The IVSS meetings calendar is found here.

The IVSS programme will run from 2004 to 2010.

An application to the IVSS programme must be made together with one other, or preferably several other partners (”horizontal project”), where one of the partners is given as the formal applicant.

Question 2: What should an application to the IVSS programme look like?

Answer: The form for a formal application is found here. Prior to submitting an application it can often be worthwhile to prepare a one-to-two page project proposal or alternatively a few PowerPoint slides as grounds for discussion with conceivable IVSS partners. The IVSS Programme Secretariat can assist in suggesting possible partners.

The project application shall clearly show how the proposed project can contribute to the three target areas for the IVSS programme:
• transport policy objectives (”injury prevention and crash avoidance”)
• economic policy objectives (”product excellence, premium requirements and cost”)
• commercial objectives (”business growth on a global market”) For

Question 3: How is an IVSS application handled?

Answer : The applications received are processed by the IVSS Programme Secretariat and handed over to the members of the IVSS Steering Committee for appraisal and decision. Prior to this decision, the IVSS partners need time to process the applications internally within their respective organisations.

Applications are treated confidentially within the IVSS Programme Secretariat, and the other partners in the IVSS Steering Committee are notified only to a limited extent. Despite such confidentiality, Vinnova (Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), Invest in Sweden – ISA and the SRA as public authority representatives are able to study the complete documents and process the applications in what is referred to as a Public Authority Board, where applicants present their applications orally.

Reference groups for each sub-programme will be used to assess project proposals or applications as needed.

Question 4: Who can take part in an IVSS programme?

Answer: The programme is aimed at
• Swedish companies, universities and institutes
• foreign companies or organisations legally registered to operate in Sweden
• foreign companies/organisations in partnership with an IVSS party or parties.

Question 5: Who are the partners in the IVSS programme?

Answer :

• AB Volvo
• Bank.se
• Scandinavian Automotive Suppliers
• Saab Automobile AB
• Scania CV AB
• Vinnova (Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems)
• Volvo Car Corporation
• Swedish Road Administration

Question 6: What areas does the IVSS programme cover?

Answer: The programme includes both research, product development and demonstrations in competitively neutral stages of development – link to areas. For a more detailed description, refer to the section on the programme structure in the IVSS Agreement.

Question 7: Can an application include one or several IVSS sub-programmes/ ”IVSS core technologies”?

Answer: An application can focus on one or several sub-programmes. The different IVSS sub-programmes have not been ranked in any order of priority.

Question 8: Who makes decisions within the IVSS programme?

Answer: The IVSS Steering Committee. All decisions on research and development projects are made in the IVSS Steering Committee in compliance with the IVSS Agreement. The IVSS Programme Secretariat therefore has no authority to select project proposals or make decisions concerning projects.

Question 9: Who are the members of the IVSS Steering Committee?

Answer: A list of those people who are members of the IVSS Steering Committee can be found here.
Question 10: Is their any maximum amount for an IVSS application or any allocation of IVSS resources?

Answer: No, nothing has been decided as to how large or small a project shall be. Neither is there any set prioritisation of the scope of the different sub-programmes.

The rules that apply within the EU are applicable for state-funded support within IVSS. This is summarised in this document (in Swedish). As regards the norms for other financing; e.g.,
• project managers
• researchers/ post-graduates
• development engineers
refer to other PFF (Program Board for Automotive Research) programs at www.pff.nu/ under the ffp tab (vehicle research programme) / application forms / evaluation of own input.