Financial support and loans

These kind of research and development like IVSS projects are very costly. The different projects have also a very long timeline. In such cases is it important to have the right partners that understand the case and are supporting the whole way. Swedish banks and credit institutions have been very supportive to the Swedish motor vehicle industry and are one big key element why Sweden has such a successful automotive industry. The Swedish government with key departments have also been giving grants and other support. From the private side, there are specially two companies on the Swedish market that help and make it possible to loan out money on the best terms, they are and SEB. is strong newcomer on Swedish market with their payday loans. The Swedish loan market has had a real boom the last year, with more and more entities entering the market. This drives the costs down and gives the consumer and buyers so to say more power to negotiate and get the best deal. Money has become cheap last year with interest rates pushed down and inflation at very low rates. This has been good for innovation and entrepreneurship.